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Our training and business solutions can include:


Face to face consultancy to determine exactly your businesses specific needs.


Designing and devising of the appropriate blended solutions to satisfy your established needs.


Delivery of the solutions (whether that is your own in house material or our personalised material for you) in a timely and appropriate manner to suit your business needs.


Helping you to implement and embed the solutions and where required monitoring subsequent performance against your determined needs.

Our challenge to you is – ‘Challenge Us’

The following schedule provides examples of the kind of solutions that the Associates have provided for their clients in the past. Whilst extensive, it continues to grow as we are asked to examine and satisfy new challenges.

bulletBehaviours - Profiling, understanding and managing yourself and others. Are you and your employees behaviours aligned with your businesses success?
bulletBusiness Consultancy - The fly on the wall helping you maximise your business potential using financial, non-financial, strategic and competitive analysis.
bulletCareer Transition and Relocation Services - Helping you and your employees with the transition and change in your business. CV building, job search, applying for jobs and interviewing skills.
bulletCoaching - Individuals, teams and leadership & management. Individual and team development, introducing a coaching culture. Coaching the coach( es).
bulletCredit Analysis - in all business segments including the personal, small, medium and large market enterprises and the corporate environment. Maximising the chances of getting the cash back. Understanding and interpreting balance sheets. Making a credit decision. Managing credit risk, controlling credit exposures. Recovery options when credit risk goes bad.
bullet Effective Negotiating - Transactional situations - maximising the one off deal. Relationship situations – increasing the value of the on-going wallet.
bulletHealth & Safety - Legislation, compliance and management.
bulletInfluencing Skills - How to improve the outcome from seemingly impossible business situations.
bulletLanguages – French & Spanish - Business or personal – communicating in the customers language always helps.
bulletLeadership and Management - Great leaders are not always born - most are made and the best technicians don't necessarily make the best managers. Understanding and working with the differences between leadership and management.
bullet Performance Management - Maximising the outcomes in your business by having really effective job descriptions, job objectives and performance measures working with fully Balanced Scorecards. Managing under and over performers. Effective recruitment and selection.
bulletPersonal Presentation Skills - Making the most of the most important person in any business situation – YOU. The drivers and destroyers of presenting yourself and your ideas. How to deliver your message with passion.
bulletProcess Management - Improve the chances of your business doing things right – the first time. Understand the right resource, right people, right process system.
bulletRelationship Management - Developing, building and managing relationships in the business world. Making the one off deal become a stable business relationship.
bulletSales - Office, telephone or call centre environments, commercial or FSA regulated. Whether face to face or at the telephone making sure that your people understand your customer’s needs. Presenting the solution effectively. Managing and working with objections and resistance to doing the deal. Cold calling – pain or panacea? Developing existing customer value and managing your business’ individual and team’s performance.
bulletTeam Building - Effective communication and leadership.
bulletTraining - Design and delivery. Delivery of your own material. Train your own trainers. To get the message across the training needs to be innovative, challenging and stimulating. If you have your own material we can deliver it for you. Let us help you to make your own people become really effective trainers.
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