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About Us

We are a fast growing, dynamic training and development business that can offer you everything that you could need to help make your business better.

The company started in October 2008 when Rod Springett took the skills and knowledge acquired after thirty- six years of personal, commercial and corporate banking experience.

It became evident, very quickly, that the crazy business world, created as a result of the global financial crisis, was bringing with it new and unforeseen challenges that would need new solutions to help resolve them.

In addition even some of the biggest businesses out there realised that they did not have either the right quantity or quality of people to help them continue with their businesses training needs.

This was the stimulus that encouraged us to form the Associates. This ever increasing number of professional business people who when combined present an unbeatable encyclopaedia of skills, knowledge and expertise and who represent a great example of ‘the whole being greater than the sum of the individual parts’ analogy.

Not only are we proud of what we do we are prepared to back it by offering our unique guarantee in that if we do not fully satisfy all of the needs agreed between us then quite simply there is no fee to pay. What better guarantee can you have then that?

It costs nothing to talk therefore please feel free to call Rod Springett on (+44) 07868 124909 or send an Email to and let's start to build our relationship.

What do we offer and how do we work?

We have a simple concept – it costs nothing to talk and you never know what the answer is until the conversation is finished.

In other words please contact us. Whether it is by phone, Email, text, or plain old fashioned ‘snail mail’ it really matters not.

Either way please start talking to us and let us work with you to fully understand what your training and development needs are. Once we have this clear picture then let us prepare our solution and talk you through how we believe we can help.

If you agree to move forward with us we will then prepare an outline of the training and development and discuss this with you.

So far your only cost is your time!

If you agree to move forward with us we shall then give you an estimate of the likely cost for firstly any development time in devising and constructing your own tailored solution and then secondly an all-inclusive daily rate for the delivery of the solution. Obviously if we are to deliver your own in house material then an all-inclusive daily rate for the delivery is appropriate.

So far your only cost is your time!

When you then agree to go forward we shall agree timeframes and timetables for delivery, complete the development work, and deliver the solution.

So far your only cost is your time!

When the work has been completed to your entire satisfaction we shall then present you with our invoice for settlement within the agreed period. Should the timescales and timetable of delivery exceed beyond a 3 month period then we reserve the right to negotiate and include within the agreement an element of stage payments.

References and experience

Much, if not all of our work, involves a degree of confidentiality on behalf of our clients. However, should you require them, references can be supplied.

Company Information

'Rod Springett Training' and 'RSTA' are the trading names of Rod Springett Training Associates Ltd registered at Companies House, Cardiff on 05/08/2008

Trading Address: 26, Cleeve Place, Nailsea, Bristol, BS48 2UF

Registration Number: 6664704

Registered Office: 126a, High Street, Nailsea, Bristol, BS48 1AH

Bankers: HSBC Bank plc, Somerset Square, Nailsea, Bristol, BS48

Accountants: David Seabright Co Ltd; 126a High Street, Nailsea, Bristol, BS48 1AH

VAT Registration No: 938800894

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